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30th Anniversary Worldwide T-Shirts NOW AVAILABLE

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  • 30th Anniversary Worldwide T-Shirts NOW AVAILABLE

    I just received word from Queensboro that the WORLDWIDE 30TH ANNIVERSARY SHIRTS are completed and ready to order. E31 organizations are listed on the back of the shirt, and the E31 logo is on the front. BMWCCAE31 is hosting the ordering so everyone will have a centralized ordering place. Both long and short sleeve T-shirts are available. An initial printing has been done for inventory, and will be replenished as shirts are ordered.

    Here are the ordering steps:

    1. Go here

    2. See the : "Click here for E31 printed 30th Anniversary Tees" and click on "here"

    3. It will take you to the pictures and ordering information!

    For orders outside of the US, Queensboro will get find out additional shipping costs.

    Here are photoshopped pictures:

    Short Sleeve:

    Long Sleeve:

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